BraveBits Benefits

First and foremost, the biggest benefit that BB aims to give its members is an opportunity to grow up. There is nothing but challenges to encourage members to escape from their comfort zone, train themselves and foster their future careers. By the slogan “Small but brave to be remarkable”, if you have decided to go with BB, there is no other choice but to be Brave to become Remarkable even when starting as Small



BraveBits has been famous for its amazing imac system. Now, with a more flexible working mode, members turn to work on Macbook PRO. It takes a little time to get a retina, but first take an old laptop and upgrade it later.


All management tools include Google Suite + JIRA, simple but effective. Email is used only to receive notifications, read and delete. All work is saved on the system with due dates, goals, and expected results.

“Don’t ever say I thought…” is one of the most popular slogans at the company.


A free inside look at Rewards / Bonus


Although salaries is not an attractive point of BB, the offer is definitely not below the par. For some positions, it’s even much higher.


Each of us should have said this once in life “Let me borrow five hundred, I will pay back when receiving salary”. To transfer salary 2 times in a month is how BB deals with this circumstance.


It is no doubt that this policy is relatively “standard” and “minimum”. The company’s desire is to turn “13th salary bonus” into “fourth quarter salary bonus” … someday.


In addition to salaries, BB has a clear, transparent and constantly increasing reward mechanism based on the business situation.


This is the vacation time chord


Team building near home

Members often go on team building trip together for 1 night. Sometimes we even go climbing mountains. Although now it has not been feasible yet, we wish to go to Son Doong together one day.


Vacation far from home

We go on vacation once per year, even overseas trip if it is a fruitful year. If not, short-distance trip is still good as long as we are happy.


Working remote

Although the office environment is not bad, members still need to change the working atmosphere sometime. You can sign up to work remote, for instance, in a cool day.


Lunch at the company

BB has its own chef to ensure safety and hygiene at the highest possible level. Everyday, members have lunch together. Anyone who doesn’t join will receive a pension.

The next big thing… is coming

Join us to build products that makes you feel proud every time you think of it.